The 8-week Merciful Love Wellness Challenge for Catholic women is a holistic program designed to nourish the mind, body, and soul, drawing inspiration from the principles of faith, love, and mercy.

 Included in the Challenge:


Two 25-minutes one-on-one “before & after” coaching calls. 

These sessions serve as pivotal checkpoints in your transformative journey, offering tailored support to define and refine your goals for this challenge. 


Eight 1-hour support group sessions, each thoughtfully curated to enhance your well-being. 

  • Each session seamlessly combines a brief yet invigorating SoulCore workout with insightful discussions centered around the consecration readings and a condensed wellness workshop.
  • Rest easy knowing that all sessions will be recorded for your convenience.
  • Online sessions TBA
  • In-person sessions, join us at

Weekday Prayers: Come together in spiritual unity as a community on Zoom every weekday at 6am Central Time to participate in praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet accompanied by the Litany of Trust and the Litany of Wellness.


The Merciful Love Consecration 

  • The Mericful Love Conscration book
  • 6 enlightening videos led by Father Michael Gaitley
  • St. Therese' s Consecration Prayer Card.

 Merciful Love Wellness Planner and JournalA 8-Week dual-purpose planner and journal. 


GroupMe: Access all your challenge resources effortlessly through the user-friendly FREE app, your centralized hub for everything you need without needing social media to stay engaged.


Affiliate Program: where you can earn $10 for each friend you refer who joins the challenge.


Win Your Entry Fee: our top participant wins back their entry fee!

  • All you need to do is attend at least 6 out of the 8 group calls, complete two one-on-one sessions, utilize your planner with at least 80% completion, and provide a personal testimonial.

My Story!  


Following years of grappling with overwhelm, excess weight, and the burdens of a demanding life, I found myself at the brink of a midlife crisis.

It was during this tumultuous period that a profound Godly intervention unfolded in my life, marking a pivotal moment in November of 2016, coinciding with the completion of the Merciful Love Consecration.

I attribute my transformation and current state of well-being to the Divine Mercy and Love of God.

Now, my mission is clear: to extend this profound truth to all women through the Merciful Love Wellness Challenge.

I fervently believe that your wellness journey is, in fact, your path to holiness.

Join me in discovering the transformative power that lies in embracing both physical and spiritual well-being

.                                                     —  Maria Cecilia

We've traveled a remarkable journey since our inaugural Merciful Love Wellness Challenge in 2017, with an incredible community of 543 Catholic women joining us along the way. 

Let's hear the voices of a few who have shared their experiences.

Mary A

This program force me to make time for personal growth, and shows me what I’m weak in. God bless you as you inspired so many people to grow closer to the Him and to become a stronger child of God.

Natalie E

This was so impactful in my life and has really made a difference in my thinking, my daily life, my habits. I need to make more progress but for the first time in most of my life, I now see life in a much healthier way, more spiritual as well.

Drina S

Accountability was the motivation I needed to make changes I’ve know I needed to make for a long time.

 Join us on this sacred journey, and let the Merciful Love Wellness Challenge be the vessel through which you discover the fullness of your divine potential.


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